An Experiment on Twitter

I am learning how to use Twitter. Yes, it sounds like it should take about 2 minutes, I know. But there are subtleties there which take some time to understand, as in so much of our use of technology. Since my life is so full of excitement (sarcasm), I was having a difficult time deciding what to tweet about on a regular basis. So I decided to write a story and post it on Twitter, one sentence at a time.

I jokingly called it my “novel,” and so sprang the name “Twovel,” combining the show and the venue. As an experiment, I have already learned that I will have to tag my entries to distinguish them from ‘normal’ tweets, which makes perfect sense. Tag=#Twovel, as per Twitterspeak.

Follow me, oh guileless tweeter, and I will lead you down the road to poor dialogue and mindless description. But oh, what we’ll learn together!

mcfitzsatx on Twitter

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