Bookmarks: The Beginning

I’ve used many everyday items as bookmarks over the years as well as special bookmarks given as gifts or made by hand. Here I’m going to document the many types of bookmarks I use and will link to fun sites online about bookmarks.

A great idea: combine the jacket with a bookmark! Jacket + Bookmark

Many wonderful hand-crafted bookmarks are available at; beaded, woven, crocheted, tatted, embroidered, painted, drawn, photographed, metal, wood, paper, fabric — you name it! Here is one I particularly like from Singing Sunflower Jewellery:

Neat blog about a Bookmark Collector – and further study shows a whole page of links about Bookmark Blogs and Sites. Who knew?

A nice (and easy) idea for Fabulous Photo Bookmarks from

These beautiful Twelve Audubon Bookmarks are just a sample of lovely and inexpensive sets available at

Some of the eclectic items I’ve used as bookmarks: tickets (movie, airline, parking garage, etc.), photos, candy wrappers, postcards, prescription drug labels, scraps of paper towels, gift cards, pipe cleaners, ribbon, bath tissue (who hasn’t?), recipe cards, legal tender, and yes, strawberry Twizzlers. I have been known to use leaves and dryer sheets and other potentially messy things at times. But so far, I haven’t ruined any books that way.
I love Kleenex-brand facial tissues because the large tab that you remove from the top of the box to access the tissues makes a perfect bookmark!

I don’t fold corners or use paperclips unless I know I am going to keep the book and use it for future reference. The same goes for writing in it. Otherwise, it would be VANDALISM!!>

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