Recursion cover

Review: Recursion

Recursion Author: Blake Crouch; Genre: Science Fiction; Format: Audiobook; Narrators: Jon Lindstrom and Abby Craden; Publisher: Random House Audio (2019); Rating: . This title has very mixed reviews, and there are good reasons for that. Overall, however, the clever plot and the good narration really saved it for me. This is mind-bending science-fiction dealing with …

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The Hoarder cover

Review: The Hoarder

The Hoarder Author: Jess Kidd; Genre: Mystery; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Aoife McMahon; Publisher: Whole Story Audiobooks (2018); Rating: . Another fun listen from Jess Kidd, this one narrated by Aoife McMahon. The story is contemporary, but uses flashbacks, and includes dysfunctional people, much like the author’s 2017 novel, Himself. The writing is lyrical, with absolutely …

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Wives and Daughters cover

Review: Wives and Daughters

Wives and Daughters Author: Elizabeth Gaskell; Genre: Victorian Novel; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Nadia May; Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc. (2005) Rating: . Absolutely stunning narration by Nadia May really kept this long listen alive for me. Her timing and accents were wonderful. It’s a character-driven Victorian novel about young woman named Molly, the daughter of a …

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Artemis cover

Review: Artemis

Artemis Author: Andy Weir; Genre: Science Fiction; Narrator: Rosario Dawson; Publisher: Audible Studios (2017); Rating: . Many readers want to compare this book (unfavorably) to Weir’s”The Martian,” but I actually enjoyed this one more. It’s different, but better in some ways. There were less of the technical jargon and scientific concepts, although there were still plenty …

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