Queen Victorias Mysterious Daughter cover

Review: Queen Victoria’s Mysterious Daughter

Queen Victoria’s Mysterious Daughter: A Biography of Princess Louise Author: Lucinda Hawksley; Genre: Biography; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Jennifer M. Dixon; Publisher: Tantor Audio (2018); Rating: . Queen Victoria had nine children (who all looked exactly alike, btw) between 1841 and 1857, although she was frightened of childbirth and didn’t like children. And she wasn’t a …

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The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek cover

Review: The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek Author: Kim Michele Richardson; Genre: Historical Novel; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Katie Schorr; Publisher: Blackstone Audio (2019); Rating: . Set in 1930s Kentucky, this was a fascinating story about a young woman who delivers books to rural homes. She rides a mule as she works for the Kentucky Pack Horse …

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Just A Guy cover

Review: Just A Guy

Just A Guy: Notes from a Blue Collar Life Author: Bill Engvall; Genre: Memoir, sort of; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Bill Engvall; Publisher: Macmillan Audio (2007); Rating: . This isn’t really a memoir, so don’t expect to hear the nitty-gritty details of struggling as a standup comic. It’s just an extension of Engvall’s comedy routines, really, …

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Alter cover

Review: Alter

Alter Author: Jeremy Robinson; Genre: Thriller; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Luke Daniels; Publisher: Breakneck Media (2019); Rating: . This started as a promising survival story but morphed into a rather silly woo-woo mind-bender towards the end. A modern man crash lands in the middle of the jungle and has to survive on his wits… and a …

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Himself cover

Review: Himself

Himself Author: Jess Kidd; Genre: Literary fiction/mystery; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Aiden Kelly; Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio (2017); Rating: . This is a terrific audiobook, made even better by the wonderful narration of Aiden Kelly. His accents and pacing were so good; I had no trouble telling who was speaking. Mahony returns to his tiny …

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