Book Covers

Cover-Double Cross

Cover Trend: Damaged Paper

I’ve always loved book covers and am amazed by their incredible variety. From the antique foiled masterpieces of Art Deco to the classic Penguin paperbacks to the huge screaming typefaces of modern works, covers are true art as well as marketing. The more I look at book covers, however, the more I see the trends, …

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Besieged cover

Cover Me

I’ve written before about how much influence book covers have on me. My Pinterest board called Book Covers and More gives me the opportunity to virtually collect covers I love, and I have found many more readers who do the same. One such cover lover is twilightdreamer (otherwise known as Maria Behar), who sponsors the …

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E-Book Covers

Late to the game (as usual), I just found Joel Friedlander’s Monthly e-Book Cover Design Awards. What a great place for authors and publishers to view covers, get ideas, and learn what might be good and not-so-good about their own. I’m hooked. © Jan McClintock of We Need More Shelves