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Kindle Edition; Genre: Fantasy
This is a ‘group quest’ fantasy with the “save the world” goal that in this case is effective and interesting. The technology involved makes more sense than just being “magic.” The diverse little ensemble includes some appealing characters although the big, bad theocracy is fairly conventional. Definitely the first of a series with a full-on cliffhanger that leaves nothing resolved, so be prepared to purchase the trilogy.


Elizabeth Street by Laurie Fabiano
Kindle Edition; Genre: Historical Novel
Very enjoyable historical fiction based on the experiences of Italian immigrants to New York in the early 20th century. The story was written by the main character’s great-granddaughter, and along with some artistic license, a love story, a Black Hand mystery and kidnapping, and the Italian earthquake of 1908, it’s quite a story.


The Journey of the Raindrop by Suzanne Burkett
Kindle Edition; Genre: Short Story
This parable is a simple, short story about a raindrop making its way in life. It was an excellent, relaxing read and and uplifting end to my day.


Kindle Edition; Genre: Fantasy
There were a few too many characters and background story for me to enjoy this first of a trilogy fantasy. I don’t mind jumping back and forth between two or three places and characters, but more than that is too much. Add to that the different factions and their double-dealings, and it was simply too much work for me to enjoy it. I don’t enjoy entering the story in the middle but rather would like to start at the beginning. This is one I will not be continuing.


Kindle Edition; Genre: Non-fiction history
Extremely interesting and thankfully not full of pages of dry details, the book focuses instead on the stories of a few captivating inmates of Broadmoor who left some tangible records. Fascinating stories of incarcerations in jails and asylums and escapes therefrom.
It also reveals information about some of the wardens of the institutions, but not enough — in my opinion — to understand their attitudes about their work. I wanted more about medical and society opinions on mental illness and criminal behavior, for instance. I still found it intriguing and appreciate the great amount of research by the author, Mr. Stevens.
Marysvale by Jared Southwick
Kindle Edition; Genre: Fantasy
Fantasy with scary monsters, mysterious pasts, dangerous journeys, nasty bad guys and new love interests? I’m in! And I was not disappointed by this one, as different as some parts of it were. The lead character is not infallible, which makes him more interesting in my opinion. The monsters are truly frightening, and the bad guys are seriously vicious. This is part of a series, but this first volume does have an ending.

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