Artemis cover

Review: Artemis

Artemis cover


Author: Andy Weir;
Genre: Science Fiction;
Narrator: Rosario Dawson;
Publisher: Audible Studios (2017);
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5).

Many readers want to compare this book (unfavorably) to Weir’s”The Martian,” but I actually enjoyed this one more. It’s different, but better in some ways. There were less of the technical jargon and scientific concepts, although there were still plenty for the geeks. The story was compelling, although I didn’t really like the protagonist, Jazz. She’s a criminal, for one thing, and her past decisions have been pretty stupid. The smart-aleck dialog was funny a few times, but also got old fast. The other characters kind of made up for her, in my opinion.

The narration by Rosario Dawson was excellent. Her accents were convincing and her pacing was perfect. It was a little difficult to know exactly who was speaking some of the dialog sometimes, but the context was enough to follow the story.

Yeah, there’s a lot of foul language in this one, but that doesn’t bother me (I used to be a sailor, for pete’s sake); it was authentic, as much as we may dislike that aspect of our society. There is little actual violence, references to sex but nothing graphic, and lots of suspense.

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