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Review: Legionnaire

Legionnaire (Galaxy's Edge, #1)Legionnaire: Galaxy’s Edge, Book 1

Author: Jason Anspach;
Genre: Sci-Fi;
Format: Kindle ebook.

A pure military story from the POV of an enlisted member of a special forces unit. The sergeant and his legionnaires are in the middle of what’s supposed to be a diplomatic mission on a hostile planet when all hell breaks loose. It’s nonstop action for the most part, with a few key characters you can root for . . . or not, as is the case with one of the senior officers.

The descriptions are terrific, and although the actual science is kept to a minimum, there are some cool gadgets, especially on the medical side.

There is lots of “enlisted vs officer” vitriol involved, with some “why are we even fighting?” thrown in for good measure. Obviously, lots of violence, but no foul language (at least as we know it) or sex.

Not sure what the next volume will bring, but I’ll probably give it a shot.

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