Lessons in Franch cover

Review: Lessons in French

Lessons in French

Lessons in Franch coverAuthor: Laura Kinsale;
Genre: Historical romance;
Format: Audiobook;
Publisher: Hedehog, Inc.;
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5).

I don’t read a lot of romances but took a chance on this one based on the high ratings. I’m very glad I did! I enjoyed it very much, especially as the narrator, Nicholas Boulton, did a terrific job. I usually don’t like male narrators voicing female voices, but he did a superb job this time.

The story is a Regency Romance set in the English countryside, including an English aristocrat (a bluestocking “of a certain age”) and a roguish French emigre who lives nearby. The two protagonists are not the perfect creatures I’ve seen in many similar books, which endears them to the reader even more. Yes, there are silly circumstances and the characters make their own troubles most of the time, but the author includes enough humor to offset the situations.

There are a few steamy scenes, but nothing too explicit, and it’s obvious the couple love each other. No profanity, no real violence, and no animals were injured in the production. (LOL) Enjoy!

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