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The Three Best Sources of Free or Discounted Ebooks

I’ve tried many sources for ebooks and have found the following three to be the best for me.

All of these:

  • Are completely free to use. They use affiliate links to booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and more, which is how they make money.
  • Allow you to choose only the genres you wish to see
  • Include the cover and a blurb about the book so you can see more about it
  • Send out one email message a day
  • Allow you to browse their web site instead of receiving an email message
  • Have contests and giveaways you may enter
  • Include a blog on their site with articles of interest to readers


1. Book Gorilla

Offers many categories and sub-categories for types of books you wish to see:

Book Gorilla choices

And a maximum number of books you want to see in each email message:

Book Gorilla choices

EXAMPLE ENTRY (1-30-2016) Click to see a larger version.

Book Gorilla example entry

2. BookBub

EXAMPLE ENTRY (1-30-2016) Click to see a larger version.

BookBub example entry

3. Sweet Free Books [No longer working]

EXAMPLE ENTRY (1-30-2016) Click to see a larger version.

SweetFreeBooks example

Give these a try and see how you like them and please leave me a comment.

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