Suspense & Thriller Reader Challenge

I hope I’m not getting in too deep with this new book blogging hobby. I’ve committed to another challenge, but this one is not only compatible with the first (RYOB 2009, below) but involves a genre — or two or three. The idea is to read twelve books of my choice, not necessarily chosen ahead of time (whew!), each of which represent one sub-genre of Suspense & Thriller.

In case you think this might limit my choices, take a look at the list of sub-genres which sponsor J. Kaye has presented, and you will understand that this covers a lot of ground. There are certainly some that I find more appealing than others, but I believe the idea is to broaden one’s range of subjects.

Since the Challenge started last January, I’m a little late to the game, but I have created my ’08 list from books that I’ve read this year (to make up for my tardiness):

“Still Life With Crows” by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child -(Serial Killer Thriller)

“The Crystal Skull” by Manda Scott -(Supernatural Thriller)

“Black Order” by James Rollins -(Spy Thriller, rather than Historical, IMO)

“State of Fear” by Michael Crichton -(Eco-thriller)

“Thursday Next: First Among Sequels” by Jasper Fforde -(Comic Thriller)

“O’ Artful Death” by Sarah Stewart Taylor -(Cozy Mystery)

NOW comes the difficult part. I have a year to choose six more from the other sub-genres.

UPDATE: The 2009 Suspense & Thriller Reader Challenge is underway and I’m in for a dime…

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