The Short Story Reading Challenge

The Short Story Reading Challenge is hosted by Kate and has different options for readers on varying levels. This is a genre that more people should try, in my opinion, and one in which you can find as much variety as novels.

I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a good short story. The ability to tell a compelling story and not waste words is something I admire. This harks back to my technical editing (once an editor, always an editor), but also to the love of language. I only wish I had the imagination to produce it myself.

My ongoing list for 2010
1. Pedro Antonio De Alarcon’s “Captain Veneno’s Proposal”
2. Pedro Antonio De Alarcon’s “The Nail”
3. Robert Barr’s “How the Captain Got His Steamer Out”
4. Robert Barr’s “My Stowaway”
5. Voltaire’s “Zadig the Babylonian”

To be continued…

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