Best Sleep Mask

I have to admit that I overdo the reading sometimes and need to get away from it all. The fact that I also suffer from migraines doesn’t help. Wearing a sleep mask at times is a necessity for me, and I’ve tried many different kinds. The best commercial mask BY FAR is the 40 Blinks Ultralight Sleep Mask from Bucky.

This mask is incredibly light-weight and comfortable, because it is contoured to fit the face, and the eye cups are raised so there is no pressure on the eye lids. You can open and close your eyes without feeling the mask, in fact, although it does block all light. It is so lightweight you may forget you have it on. The strap is black with Velcro closures at the ends, and is just long enough for even my thick hair (I like the mask loose).
The shape of the mask reminds me of the new foam-like seamless bras, actually. Although you can buy plain black or brown, the masks are offered in bright colors and patterns, too, for those with a slightly higher sense of aesthetic adventure. The mask is hand-washable. I bought both of mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond for about $10 each.

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