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I’ve written a few very small reviews of some of the books I’ve read, mostly mysteries, of course. Instead of duplicating, I’ll just give the link for those on LibThing and let you read them there.

If you haven’t checked out LibThing, I urge you to take a look. It’s more than a book cataloging web site, because you can find so many possible volumes to add to your TBR pile that you will have to get a second job to finance it. Unless you already have a second job to pay for the books you already read…
One way to begin is with Groups. Select that tab at the top of the home page and take a look at the many choices. Pick one that interests you and peruse the messages. You will find posts from readers who enjoy the same genre (for example), and who suggest many titles and/or authors.
A few of the many, many groups: Writer-Readers; Chick Lit; Science-Fiction Fans; Bloggers; Christianity; Books that made me think; Cookbookers; Genealogy@LT; Children’s Literature; I See Dead People’s Books; Gardening; Audiobooks; Fforde Ffans; Classical Music; Mac Users at LibraryThing.

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