Editing the Classics

Just a quick link to Abbeville Manuel of Style blog, where they have had a feature called “Editing the Classics.” The challenge is to whittle away at a famous passage while still keeping the foundation intact, of course. Very enjoyable for minimalists like me, I have to admit. Here is the Gettysburg Address entry, which […]

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I write simply.

I was not a literary major, as anyone who is reading this might gather. I have not had the privilege of a traditional classical education. I am widely read and have loads of life experience, but that doesn’t make for sophisticated narrative.My training was exactly the opposite, actually. I was an interpreter, reporter and editor

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Round and round we go

I’m experimenting with blog templates, so if you are one of the three people who visit this page regularly, you might notice it changes a lot. Please bear with me as I enjoy learning about Blogger. Meanwhile, here are some sources for templates if you are interested yourself: Blogcrowds Blogger Buster Blog and Web ©

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Best Sleep Mask

I have to admit that I overdo the reading sometimes and need to get away from it all. The fact that I also suffer from migraines doesn’t help. Wearing a sleep mask at times is a necessity for me, and I’ve tried many different kinds. The best commercial mask BY FAR is the 40 Blinks

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Cats and Phones

Cats wait until you’re on the phone to be naughty. They know you are otherwise occupied and therefore cannot turn your complete disciplinary attention to their acts of mutilation, harassment, general mess-making and running amok. Meanwhile, they KNOW you are aware of the situation, but powerless to stop it. Before cordless phones, this was made

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Darkness belied

I’ve been doing a lot of sitting around in the dark lately. Literally, not figuratively. Dusk is when the Screech-owl family shows up in the yard, and if there are any lights on in the house, it’s difficult to see them. Have you ever noticed how many lights there really ARE in a modern home?

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