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Never Give Up (on a book order)

book pages photoThis story is about a book called “George Genealogy” by Keith H. George. It was self-published in 1991 and there aren’t many copies around. In fact, about a decade ago, I asked my brother, who lived in Connecticut, to visit the State Library in Hartford on my behalf because one of the copies is in their stacks. He photocopied a few relevant pages for me and I was happy with that.

I’ve wanted a copy of the entire book and was unable to find one for sale, until a search on ABEBooks finally yielded a reprint . . . in India. Go figure. In any case, I ordered the book through ABE and paid $23—what a steal! That was in February 2018.

Family history is a great hobby that can quickly become addicting. But it’s not free. Between memberships to historical societies, genealogy software and apps, web site subscriptions, shelves of books, and travel, I’ve spent a lot of money over the last 25 years. However, these genealogy books takes many years to research and compile, and I was glad to spend so little for such a tome.

About two weeks ago, in August 2018, I received a package in the mail from India. I’d long ago forgotten about this order and would have brushed it off as a lost cause. But there it was, all 800 reprinted pages with a nice cover. Thank you to Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd. in Delhi for following through.

Just goes to show, never give up.

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