Jane Austen at Home cover

Review: Jane Austen at Home

Jane Austen at Home: A Biography
Jane Austen at Home coverAuthor: Lucy Worsley;
Genre: Biography;
Format: Audiobook;
Narrator: Ruth Redman;
Publisher: Macmillan Audio (2017);
My rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5).

This wonderful book follows the Georgian author and her family through the many houses and homes they occupied. Worsley does an astonishing amount of clarification of the little data available about Jane Austen; without adding opinions, she pieces together the facts and smushes quite a few rumors along the way.

Home and family were of utmost importance to Jane Austen and most women of her time, and by choosing to relate the writer’s life via those values, this extraordinary personality is remembered with the respect she always deserved.

Ruth Rodman does a fabulous job with the narration. She was the perfect choice for this work. And Ms. Worsley introduces and closes the book herself in her usual enthusiastic manner.

Highly entertaining and strongly recommended to all who are interested in this time period.

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