New List Published: Historical Mysteries

My book list at Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations has been published. “Era by Era, Firsts in Historical Mystery Series” includes 14 of my favorite series. It was a difficult decision; I began with a huge list and had to narrow it down to a reasonable length. But leaving someone out was akin to insulting an old friend.

I structured the list by time period, I hoped to create more interest. But some periods are very popular with mystery authors, and to choose from the group of Middle Ages and then Elizabethan England was agonizing, for instance! Such a gluttony of choice! How wonderful!

I prefer reading series in order, but sometimes that is just not possible, of course. It is also more important with some stories than with others. Each of these 14 series includes a fairly strong back story, and I would encourage you to find the first volume.

Just don’t ask me to choose a favorite!

© Jan McClintock of We Need More Shelves

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