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Review: A Human Becoming

A Human Becoming by Terry Summerlin;
A Human Becoming coverPublisher: S E Publishing (July 12, 2005);
ISBN: 978-0965966221.

This is a fast read but packed full of terrific guidance on dealing with people in everyday life, all wrapped up in a story about a father and son on a cruise.

The protagonist, Terry, is based on the author and works on a cruise ship as a motivational speaker. His tween-aged son is along for the summer and the father-and-son conversations are wonderfully written. Meanwhile, Terry is struggling with his own motivation: is his life on course? is this what he’s supposed to be doing? is it worthwhile? A catalyst will soon be the deciding factor.

The author includes lots of advice and examples–for both individuals and businesses–about making good impressions, respecting others, self-confidence, good conversation, listening to others, trust, leadership, and many more.

I also enjoyed the travel aspects of the book, although mostly backdrops for the story. Mr. Sumerlin describes his time aboard the cruise ship and a few of the ports visited in the book.

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