Review: Death and the Chapman

Death and the Chapman (Roger the chapman, #1)Death and the Chapman by Kate Sedley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The first of a series of historical mysteries set in fifteenth-century England and introducing Roger, a young man who quits the monastery to be a traveling salesman and discovers his talent for solving mysteries. Told in flashbacks by Roger as an old man, which I didn’t particularly enjoy. But I already knew this was a series, so he obviously doesn’t buy it in the first book.

The mystery itself began as just a lack of information but eventually took a few fascinating twists to keep me interested. However, the story did drag a little and was repetitive at times. As a reader, I felt left out of the story a bit — a little too much ignorance and not enough suspense. The setting was well-developed and enjoyable, although the characters were not deep. I will continue to follow Roger and see how he grows. link: Death and the Chapman (Medieval Mystery)

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