Star Splinter cover

Review: Star Splinter

Star Splinter coverStar Splinter: Fractured Space Book 1;

Author: J G Cressey;
Genre: Science-Fiction;
Format: Kindle eBook;
Published: 2015.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, although I wish the author would allow a professional editor to clean up the narrative; there were missing words and questionable usage and grammar errors throughout the Kindle version.

A bunch of misfits survive a catastrophe and have to fend for themselves in deep space under less-than-optimal circumstances. The story is told in third person but the hero, Cal, is the focus. The other characters were somewhat silly but each was definitely unique. The bad guys were really bad, although this is the first of a series and we don’t learn much about them.

Pacing was great and there was plenty of action. The technology was fun and interesting. I definitely want to continue the series and find out where the group ends up in the next volume.

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