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Review: The Midwife’s Revolt

The Midwife’s Revolt

by Jodi Daynard

Published by: Opossom Press (2013)

The Midwife's Revolt coverI do love a good historical novel or mystery, and this book includes both. Lizzie Boylston is a young widow in 1775 who lives near John and Abigail Adams in Braintree, Massachusetts. Lizzie is a midwife and healer, and although she grew up in the city of Cambridge, she now must take care of the small farm where she and her husband came as newlyweds.

Lizzie comes from a family of loyalists, but she is definitely now a patriot. Her family were wealthy, but she is now a poor farmer. These contrasts were woven through the story and displayed the gravity of that time in our country’s history.

The American Revolution is a main theme of this book, but it is also about friendship, compassion, and a woman’s lot in life. The language and descriptions were vivid and authentic. There were a few “slow” times in the book—the pacing was irregular. It’s not an action story but did contain some suspense. There are quite a few characters to keep straight throughout the story, some historical and some fiction, but the author made that task relatively easy with great descriptions.

As good-hearted as the heroine of the book is, she doesn’t always show a lot of good sense. Her attempts at spying on loyalists are a little silly, but she wants to solve the mystery of some deaths in the community.

No sex or bad language. The editing was very good and the ending of the story very satisfying.

Recommended for those who enjoy historical novels and mysteries, especially with strong female protgonists.

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