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Review: The Wrong Unit

Review of The Wrong Unit: A Novel

The Wrong Unit coverAuthor: Ron Dircks;
Genre: Science Fiction;
Format: Audiobook;
Publisher: Goldfinch Publishing (2016);
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5).

The protagonist of this book isn’t even human, yet his story was enough to make me cry.

The plot is a combination of quest, coming of age, and thriller. It’s set in a future where machines rule the planet and humans are slaves. It’s not quite as depressing as that sounds, but humans are absolutely not in charge anymore. They live in plantation compounds, working for robots, and have very little freedom.

Never fear, there’s a revolution in the works. It’s just taking a lot longer than expected.

For most of the book, the point of view is that of HeyYou, a caregiving android forced into a dangerous and puzzling circumstance. His charge is a human baby, and he’s totally unprepared for it. However, his common sense and compassion go a long way to save a bad situation.

The writing was excellent and the humor was well-placed; I laughed out loud several times (that’s saying a lot).

The author narrated his own work, which can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. However, Mr. Dircks did a fine job, and he certainly knew where to put the emphases.

It’s a simple story that will stay with you. Highly recommended for readers of all genres.

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