The Hoarder cover

Review: The Hoarder

The Hoarder Author: Jess Kidd; Genre: Mystery; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Aoife McMahon; Publisher: Whole Story Audiobooks (2018); Rating: . Another fun listen from Jess Kidd, this one narrated by Aoife McMahon. The story is contemporary, but uses flashbacks, and includes dysfunctional people, much like the author’s 2017 novel, Himself. The writing is lyrical, with absolutely […]

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Lady Audley's Secret cover

Review: Lady Audley’s Secret

Lady Audley’s Secret Author: Mary Elizabeth Braddon; Genre: Novel, Mystery; Format: Audiobook; Narrator: Olivia Poulet; Publisher: Audible Studios (2019); Rating: . A lovely and compelling Victorian sensational novel, published in 1862. This isn’t a light read, as it contains a lot of mid-19th-century angst as the aristocratic protagonist agonizes over the disappearance of his best

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